Shopify Flow + Tone

Shopify Flow Overview

Shopify Flow is an e-commerce automation platform that Shopify Plus stores can use to automate common tasks, such as:

  • Tagging high-value customers
  • Flagging and cancelling high-risk orders
  • Sending reordering requests when your inventory levels become low
  • Identifying and adding tags to products based on their title or SKU

Shopify Flow is an app offered by Shopify in their App Store and is available for Shopify Plus stores only. You can enable Shopify Flow in Shopify's app store here. There are a number of resources available for understanding what's possible with Flow and workflows you can download and import into your store:

  1. Shopify Flow community
  2. Workflow examples from Shopify Help Center doc
  3. 14 top workflows blog post

Tone Connector for Shopify Flow

Shopify Connectors is a feature that allows Shopify Plus stores to use app triggers and actions that third-party partners have built.

Tone Connector

Tone supports one action,

Text Message: Send a text to the given number with specified message body.

Phone Number


This is the phone number you intend on sending the message to. You will typically not want to give this a static value like "555-987-1234" but instead provide a template variable. You can learn more about Template Variables in Shopify's help center.



The message you wish to send to the customer. Please note that regular SMS rates and message limitations will apply. For example, some carriers split up text messages longer than 160 characters into multiple messages.

Country Code


We do our best at extracting the region from the phone number , but it helps if you provide the countryCode or countryCodeV2 template variable. For example {{order.shippingAddress.countryCodeV2}}

Workflow Examples

We have compiled a few workflow examples that are possible with Tone + Shopify Flow.

Reward points to a customer & send a text

This workflow uses Enquire Post Purchase Survey, LoyaltyLion, and Tone to award users with loyalty points every time they complete a post purchase survey, and then send a text to the customer informing them of their new points. It works by receiving the Survey Response trigger and then checking to see if it can notify the user or not. If it can, it sends a text message thanking them for their survey response.

Get notified by text when inventory is low

This is a simple workflow that uses Shopify's built-in triggers to notify a specific phone number that inventory has fallen below 10 units. There are many built-in triggers available that work well with the Tone connector. To see a full list of available triggers & actions, go to Shopify's Flow reference page here.

Respond to poor customer reviews immediately

This workflow uses, Gorgias, LoyaltyLion, and Tone. When a customer leaves a review, will trigger an event that a review has been recorded. Afterwards, we setup two conditions that check if it's a favorable review or a poor review. If it's a poor review, we file a ticket in Gorgias and send an apology text. If it's a favorable review, we give the user reward points via LoyaltyLion and send a thank you text letting them know.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a trigger, condition, or action?

A trigger is an event that will invoke an action such as When a user completes an order. A condition is a test on the trigger like If $100 or more. The action is the final step taken. Following on the previous example, an action might be Send Text with a body thanking the customer for their purchase. For more information, see Shopify's help page on actions, triggers, and conditions.

What is a template variable?

Template Variables are placeholders that get filled in with the real customer or order data when the trigger is invoked. For example, if you specify a template variable of {{}}, the phone number you have on file for that user will get sent to our system.

What happens if my message doesn't send?

We do our best to ensure each message is delivered successfully, but problems may come up. This is typically due to the phone number being a landline or outside of our supported regions (US, UK, AU, CA). If you need help, refer to our support page or email us at